Newsletter October 2016


  1. Storyville News
  2. Website
  3. Webshop
  4. Ruud Nieuwenhuijzen
  5. Change of management
  6. Michel Muller new trumpeter
  7. 2017  


1. Newsletter

 This is the first issue of our Newsletter. Why?  Recently we have had a turbulent time. So the    idea came up to put out a newsletter twice a year to keep our fans, business relations and all other jazz afficionados informed about The Storyville Jassband.

We hope you like it!!


2. New website

We decided to make a new more modern website with more possibilities for us but also for our relations. We kept our “house style” though, which comes forward in the colours black and yellow. There is a permanently changing photogallery as well as a webshop where people can buy our music. The address hasn't changed:  



3. Webshop

We have produced 11 CD’s over the years. Unfortunately not all of them are available anymore. But the good news is that we are planning to set up a webshop where people can download our most popular songs.


4. Ruud Nieuwenhuijzen passed away

After an long period of illness Ruud died on 20th July 2016.

He was the leader, manager and cornet player for over 40 years.

Even when he couldn’t play anymore he still managed the band and kept the Storyville going.

We will miss Ruud, his warm personality, his drive and musicality.


5. Change in management

Peter Dobbe (trombone) has taken over leadership and management after Ruud died.


6. Michel Muller new trumpeter

When Ruud stopped playing, Peter van de Geijn took over on cornet. After a period of 1/1/2 years he left and Michel Muller replaced him.

Michel is a well known trumpeter and fine musician with a very good reputation.

7. UK tour 2016

The band successfully finished their annual tour around England.

Please check out the reviews on the website.

Next 2017 tour is booked for april. Check our agenda on the website.


8. What is coming up in 2017

April  UK tour

Autumn tour in Denmark

September Jazzfestival Domburg

Please check our agenda on the website regularly for updates.


We hope to see you around.

Best regards,


The Storyville Jassband