Traditional Jazz from Holland

The Storyville Jassband since 1959

                    (C) Photo by Søren Hauge Carlsen

Upcoming Tour U.K : 27 Sept-10 Oct 2022 (Feel free to contact us for details)


The Storyville Jassband, founded in 1959, is one of the oldest active performing bands from The Netherlands playing all over the world.  The band focuses on the new music, called Jazz that became popular during The Roaring Twenties in the US. When New Orleans Jazz came over to Europe, the European jazzbands of the fifties added their special flavor to the music. The Storyville Jassband has a distinct affiliation with this sound and will continue playing this style of music with great enthusiasm and a touch of humor.


The Storyville Jassband has played with numerous guests such as Sheila Collier, Lillian Boutté. The band celebrated their 50 anniversary with a Jubilee Concert where Chris Barber played as a special guest.

The Storyville Jassband has made 11 CD's of which eight on the Timeless label.


From a recent review: "they were marvelous and exactly what our club loves-good old trad jazz, but with a difference-very professional and relaxed. We can, in all honesty , say that wherever you are in the world, remember the name and if you come across them, we strongly recommend you make a point of going to see them" (Farnborough Jazzclub)

Current Line up:


Michael Muller-Trumpet/Vocals/Band Manager

During his career Michael played as a freelance trumpet player. Winner of Jazz Awards and Honorary Citizen of New Orleans. Nowadays he plays lead trumpet as a regular member of The Storyville Jassband. Has a special love for British Traditional Ales.

Eugène de Bruijn-Clarinet/Sax/Vocals

As a child prodigy Eugène  played at a very early age with all the famous Jazz players in Holland and even abroad.

He graduated both in Classical music and Jazz at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He is a wonderful player and writes beautiful musical arrangements for The Storyville Jassband.

Vincent Roerdink-Trombone

Superbe Trad-trombone player, "Tail-Gate specialist Vincent Roerdink has also a very nice voice and is a wonderful scat-vocalist. Winner of vocalist price during International Jazz Festival Breda.

Hein van Rooijen-Double Bass

Hein has played in The Storyville for over 30 years now. He still is going strong!! Hein is also Financial Manager and Head of Transport.

Stef Geurts-Drums

Stef played most of his career as a professional  classical musician in Symphony Orchestra's. He is also an acclaimed teacher.

However his love for Jazz is profound and he is a super Jazz drummer as well.  

Tom is without doubt one of the most important professional banjo players in Europe. His solo's are of outstanding beauty.

The plectrum banjo is his main instrument. Tom has played all continents except Antartica either as a regular member or as a special guest with numerous bands such as: Dutch Swing College Band, Down Town Jazzband, Delerium Tremelo.